Eastern Poland (Bialystok, Lublin, Bieszczady)

The two biggest cities in the eastern part of Poland are Bialystok and Lublin.


  • Lublin, by some tourists is called “a little Krakow”, and this is true because of the citizens sharing a number of Lesser Poland traditions, historic architecture and a unique ambiance, especially in the Old Town.
  • Lublin is not only the largest city in eastern Poland, but also serves as an important regional cultural capital.


  • Palaces: Branicki Palace, Branicki Guest Palace, Lubomirski Palace, Hasbach Palace, Nowik Palace
  • Town hall
  • Catholic Cathedral, St. Roch Church, St. Adalbert Church, Orthodox Cathedral
  • Daughters of Charity Monastery

Other places

  • Kazimierz Dolny – It is a one of the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland.
  • Bieszczady – wild mountains on polish/slovakian/ukrainian border